Traditional Anti-aging Treatments Price
Payot Facial Treatment 60mins

Payot care

Functions :

Clean pores, anti-wrinkle whitening, moisturizing and moisturizing , improve skin dullness, tiredness, enlarged and blocked pores, thick cuticles, blackheads and other skin problems.


$1280/10 times

Basic Facial Treatment 60mins

Basic hydrating care

Deeply cleans the skin, effectively replenishes water, relieves facial tension and fatigue


$999/10 times

Bojin Treatment 90mins

Tendon care

Use the unique tendon stick to disperse tendons and qi knots, eliminate toxins and necrotic cells, regulate qi and blood, dredge meridians, promote blood circulation and disperse blood stasis, and can completely solve skin problems such as dullness, looseness, acne, and enlarged pores


$1380/10 times

Japanese bubble Facial Treatment 45mins

Japanese Bubble Beauty

Deep cleansing, thoroughly removing impurities, mites, bacteria, etc. that cause dark yellow skin, blocking melanin production, safe, effective, simple, and fast to reproduce flawless skin with “skin like snow, gelatinous”


$1380/10 times

LED Therapy 60mins


Blue: wavelength 415 nanometers, epidermis 1 mm, improve acne skin

Yellow light: 570-670 nanometers, dermis layer 0.5-2 mm, treatment of facial red blood streaks

Red light: 630-700 nanometers, dermis layer, treat acne, improve photoaging symptoms


$1280/10 times

Facial Procedure Facial flow 60mins

  1. Makeup remove and clean the face
  2. Deep cleaning ( not suitable for extremely sensitive skin )
  3. Exfoliation (head massage)
  4. Clean acne + eyebrow shaping (for acne muscles) + eyebrow shaping (if necessary)
  5. Chinese traditional tendon treatment
  6. Massage on face and shoulder
  7. Mask + arms and hands massage
  8. Remove mask
  9. Moisturizing (add rest of ampoule)