Massage ( back,arms,legs,tummy ) 60mins

Massage (back, arms, legs, belly)

By pressing and stretching acupoints, meridians, and muscles, it helps

Relieve muscle pain and promote physical and mental relaxation, thereby regaining energy and improving health

this highly effective treatment focuses on pushing,

stretching and kneading the muscles to align the body

meridians and restore vitality


$999/10 times

Lymphatic drainage Treatment 90mins

Lymphatic drainage

Efficacy : Effectively promote lymphatic drainage, discharge lymphatic toxins, prevent the occurrence of diseases, instantly treat back pain, lumbar muscle strain, soothe muscles and poor veins, reduce excess fat on the back, increase the beauty of the back, and detoxify It can also increase the luster and elasticity of the face, back skin and whole body skin to achieve an excellent beauty effect.


$1380/10 times

Colon detoxification 45mins

Colon detox

Colon detoxification allows us to expel toxins accumulated in the body for a long time, which cannot be eliminated outside the body. Ultraviolet rays can easily cause spots on the face, restore the intestinal detoxification function, restore the liver detoxification function, and dilute the spots.


$999/10 times

Bust Treatment 45mins

Breast care

Effectively accelerate the blood circulation in the chest, drive the contraction of the chest muscles, and improve the condition of accessory breast


$999/10 times

Massage Procedure body massage process 60 minutes

  1. Change clothes
  2. Massage oil and cream
  3. Clean the body with hot towel